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A 2-page Halloween comic!

Spoiler: The haunted house wasn’t all that scary. But fun nonetheless! I think most haunted houses probably tout themselves as “one of the scariest haunted houses in the country.” Smart selling.

Anyway, this is a two-page comic, chock full of guest appearances. I really love these “comics crowdsourcing” experiments. I asked my twitter followers to send me a deep fear of theirs along with their photo in order to incorporate them into the second page. It’s sort-of auto-bio-for-everyone. If you lent your fear and portrait to attend the big “House that is Haunted,” thank you so much! It was really fun and challenging to draw everyone (sorry if I forgot your coloring exactly when it came time to color the enormous page). One thing that struck me as I was drawing out the page was that so many of us share specific fears. Drawing everyone in a place where we all faced our fears was really comforting. At least we’re all in it together.

Some of your fears got condensed into the general idea in order to broaden the specific fears, so see if you can spot yourself! Also; if you have any idea how many figures are features in this drawing, let me know. I lost count too many times and gave up.

In the first page, special guests include my mom (when is she NOT in one of my comics?), and Simon Pegg. Also my pals: Mark Thisse, Joey H.(who would actually NEVER EVER be caught dead watching The Human Centipede), Lonnie Mann, an assortment of monsters, and Yuko and Ananth, of the absolutely wonderful Johnny Wander webcomic (their images used without permission– I hope they don’t mind). I just finished reading the collected Johnny Wander book 1, and it was really excellent. You guys should go check it out!

Also there was a clown.